Kayla Balloon is a balloon, and a 6th grade student at Delmore Junior High. She is the local bully who can be thought of as the "Tina Rex" of Delmore Junior High. Her sidekick is Stoney Rock, which can be compared with Jamie as Tina Rex's sidekick. Not much about Kayla's life is known, but she does hold up a reputation of being the "school bully". Kayla can also be thought of as the meaner, female counterpart of Alan the Balloon from the original series The Amazing World of Gumball.


Kayla prefers acting tough and making fun of other students at her school. She is harsh, and often scares who she bullies by stating she will hurt them. Kayla keeps her sidekick around most of the time to warn others not to argue with her.


Stoney Rock

Kayla's sidekick at Delmore Junior High. Not much is actually known about Stoney.