Stace Stuffings (also known as Stace or Stacy) is a close friend of Gumball and Darwin Watterson, who debuted in the fanfiction The Grades. She is a peach-colored teddy bear who is the smartest of her three friends. She usually likes things in order and organized, and has a studing OCD. Despite this, she likes having adventures with Gumball and Darwin. She was first mentioned in the song from the Gumbapedia Fanon Wiki song Where in the World is Penny Sandiego?.


The Letter From EmilyEdit

After Emily sends Gumball a threat letter, Stace is determined to protect Gumball and Penny. In doing so, Stace becomes a wanted criminal after being accused of kidnapping Gumball and Penny. Emily Cartridge constantly spies over her throughout The Letter From Emily fanfiction, and finally confronts her in Gumball Watterson, Found. Emily is arrested after being seized by police, and Stace is no longer a wanted criminal.

Elmore: 12 Years Into the FutureEdit

12 years after middle school, it is revealed that Stace became the youngest person in history to ever graduate out of college. She then became a teacher at Delmore Junior High. It is also revealed that her mother died at some point between Stace's life, leaving Stace to be the only member of the Stuffings family that's still alive.


Gumball Watterson

One of Stace's closest friends. He was kidnapped by his ex-girlfriend, Emily Cartridge, but Stace was able to save him.

Emily Cartridge

Stace's "nemesis". They first met in the Emily's Vengeance Saga, when Emily kidnapped Gumball Watterson.


  • Stace has a distant cousin, Teri.
  • Her last name was revealed to be Stuffings in the Emily's Vengeance fan-fiction part, Stace Stuffings and the Trap Door.
  • Stace has an incredible amount of stamina, as she can resist a few hits during a fight. This is demonstrated in Gumball Watterson, Found.