Stace Stuffings and the Trap Door is the fourth installment of the Emily's Vengance Saga. It was posted on the Gumbapedia Fanon Wiki on September 1, 2011 by wikia contributor WikiStarter


Continuation of That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles.


As soon as I stepped inside, the door closed and was locked. I yelled for someone to let me out. I heard Darwin's voice. But is wasn't Darwin. I was an imposter.

"Sorry, but this is where you get off. With you off our trail, we'll finish what we needed to do. Have fun in the dark."

No one else talked. Silence. I felt a tear coming down my cheek. How could I let Gumball down? How could I let Emily trick me? Suddenly anger and hatred were building-up in my heart. This was Emly's fault. It's her fault I'm in the dark. It's her fault I'm in this situation. I realized that the only way I was gonna find her was to fight fire with fire. I turned around. I light switch was sticking out in front of me. I turned it on, and a small, unclean lightbulb weakly shone. I looked around. Stairs. I walked down every stair I could see. Unfortunetly, I ended-up in a dead end. My mind was boggled. Hadn't I followed the stairs? I back-tracked, and found two types of stairs inside each room. I had to figure this out. Somehow. I looked the the stair I didn't go. Right now, it was time for dumb luck. Every way I looked, the stairs leaded to dead-ends or the right way. After 30 minutes of mind-boggling stairs cases, I finally reached the exit door. I immediatly stepped outside. The fresh air was life to me. But right now, I needed to focus on finding Gumball and Penny. I knew that I could't trust anyone. So I ventured into the school, avoiding police officers. I saw a poster with my name on it. I was a wanted criminal. Well, I thought, if it was Emily that got me into this mess, it's Emily that's getting me out of it. And I ventured further into the school.