The Letter From Emily is the second fan-fiction that featured Emily Cartridge - and marked the point in her life where she resorted to a life of crime. The fan-fiction was the first installment in the Emily's Vengance Saga. It was written by wikia contributor WikiStarter and posted on the Gumbapedia Fanon Wiki on September 1, 2011.

Note: The saga is told in Stace's point of view.


After a letter of promised revenge, it's up to Stace to keep Gumball and Penny safe from Emily's attacks.


If you ever heard the story of revenge, you'd know where this story starts. But, like with all other stories, it must be told to the pulbic. This is Stace, and I'm here to tell you about my friend Gumball's biggest fight. It all started with a letter. *Flashback*

Gumball and Darwin walk toward the mail box. As Gumball flips through the mail, he finds possibly the most horrible thing ever written: A letter from Emily. Darwin tries to figure out why Gumball is so terrified, but Gumball ignores him and runs into his room, locking the door. As he opens the mail, he finds a ripped, torn letter which was barely legible. The letter read as followed:

Dear Gumball. I bet you didn't expect me, huh? Well, if you think you've gotten me out of your life, your wrong. I'm going to make things the way they were before that wretched peanut ruined our lives. You haven't heard the last of me . . . . . . . IT'S PAY-BACK TIME.

Now, this is where Gumball noticed me hanging outside the window. He looked at me in shock, and closed the curtains. As I put my ear on the wall, I could hear him crying inside. I felt pity for the first time in my life.

The next day, Gumball, Darwin, and I were walking into the hall. I saw the terror and shock in his face. It was as if I could almost feel what he'd been going through. His former girlfriend was going to try to kill Penny. Darwin must've felt something to, because he ask Gumball if everything was alright. He answered in a shriek. As we walked into the cafeteria, Penny greeted us inside. She also noticed Gumball in a bad mood. But before she could as, I made a Don't ask! motion. Lunch came by slow. The clock showed 9:15. "Only 15 minutes left." I said. As soon as I said that, I noticed something that shocked the living daylight outta me: Emily was looking at us through the window, particularly Penny. When I got everyone to look at the window, she was gone. I looked around the cafeteria. No sign of her. She was watching us. Planning something. And as soon as lunch ended, the lights turned off.


Gumbal2 Review: 10/10

The Fanfiction Critic: 5/5